Saturday, January 28, 2012


NOW it's getting to be a bit ridiculous! I was outside looking for something and suddenly though it might be where the chicken coop used to be (I move it around periodically until I establish a more permanent arrangement). I go out there and see this (doesn't show up too well in this shot):

That's just one but there are volunteer tomatoes everywhere around the old chicken location! Four total! I know what happened, the chickens get veggie scraps and some tom. seeds sprouted up in the rich "leftovers" the chickens so graciously donated. Unlike in the garden where I can narrow down what sort of tomato plants sprouted up there, here I have NO idea. Could have been from a wormy garden tomato, could be from the farmer's market, could be from the store. I have no clue. I'm definitely not pulling them up though, not now at least. I'll just leave them happy where they are (they aren't in the way of anything at the moment) and let nature do it's thing and have fun with it. Just watch... I'll harvest pounds of tomatoes from them and none from the garden.

Now onto my agenda on this blustery “spring” day in January:
·Zest a ton of fresh oranges to make dried orange peel powder
·Start some orange extract
·Start some new vanilla extract
·Maybe start some vanilla sugar
·Finish off the Memorial Herb Bed and start some plantings there (will post pictures soon).
·MAYBE clean up the front stoop and put some fresh pretty potted things there…it’s looking very grim with the plant mummies from last summer sitting there.
·Plant some seeds… not sure what yet.

Ok I might not be able to get all that done today… let’s aim for this as a weekend goal ;-)

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