Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's the Lone Tomato!!!

Thus far I have proven to be a pathetic gardener.

I realize part of this is simply the learning process. But seriously.

On my first attempt (spring of ’10) I buried my seeds far too deeply into the soil. I thought I was protecting them from birds but in reality, I was keeping sunshine from them (good analogy to parenting actually… but I digress…).

That fall I was busy planning my wedding.

My next attempt was spring of ’11. I don’t know what happened that time. I planted my beautiful little heirloom seeds and… nothing. The few tomato seedlings I planted did “ok” but never could be called thriving. Most of my toms were wormy before I ever got to them.

That fall I was busy with a newborn. We move quickly around here.

Now I’m facing spring of ’12. Will this be the year? I’m trying to juggle a household, a new baby, a stack of reading material, and a deep DEEP desire for a successful garden. I’ve prepped two new herb beds the last few months, with plans for future beds down the road (right now I’m focusing more on cooking herbs but I very much want to grow medicinal herbs as well, and the sooner the better). I've actually managed to do fairly well with herbs so far. I’ll have to start over with my blackberries as the terrible drought last year did them in at last, despite my best efforts, so those need to be replaced. My grapevines… well… the jury is out on those. My potted dwarf apricot might be dead. Or might just not have leaves.

On the bright side my potted Meyer Lemon and Mexican Lime trees are doing very well. I’m trying to decide whether I want to leave them in pots or plant them this spring. I have other tree plans as well.

Today I went out to water what is alive (or hoped to be alive) and decided to quickly turn up my current little garden bed by hand. I attacked a few weeds and turned soil and suddenly came across something amazing:

A lone little tomato plant from a seed tossed last year? The year before? I have no idea what kind it is. But it’s a gift. And hopefully an omen.

Here’s to the 2012 growing season!!!!

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