Friday, January 6, 2012

Baby Steps

First time back in the yard since last summer (other than feeding the chickens and watering some plants. Laid the baby on a blanket in some dappled sunlight and bricked out a new herb bed

The potted tree is an dwarf apricot that I hope is still alive, and the growing on the chain link fence is a white Thompson Seedless grape.

Interesting story about those bricks. They come from a demolished building here in this area that was called the Memorial Coliseum. It was here for decades and a lot of our town's "big" events were held there. When it was torn down I collected some bricks specifically for a Memorial Garden Bed... I like the idea of borders created from interesting recycled bits and this one is really special to me.


  1. What a beautiful idea using those bricks for a memorial bed!

    Think I might just get inspired to make me on of those. :)

    My poor garden has long been left to itself and I was looking through some old photos and I'm keen to restore it to it's former glory.

  2. I wish I had some "former glory" to reclaim!!! It's all new ground for me, and it seems like so often it is two steps forward, five steps back! :-)