Sunday, October 6, 2013

Brain Cloud & Olives

I really wanted to write something profound tonight.

Both children are asleep at the same time.

I'm caught up in my school work (for now).

The hubby is working on his own computer.

The house is quiet.

PERFECT time to write.  And I've had all sorts of things I want to write about in my head the last few days without having the time and space to do so...but now... when it is still and peaceful... I have brain cloud. 

BUT... we always have time for a pretty food picture!  ;-)

I had to use some fresh olives for a recipe the other day and had a few leftover.  Now, leftover olives last about as along as leftover wine at this house (I hear rumors of this existing in some households).  So while cleaning up the kitchen I decided to place a little pinch of feta cheese into each olive half and nibble away between dishes and suds.  YUM!

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