Monday, October 7, 2013

Ah HA!

I had a wonderful “ah ha!” moment  a few days ago at the store.  I had been browsing the section where they have spray oils for pans and dishes.  Of course, most of them are unhealthy oils like canola (baaaad).  There are a few that are supposedly made with olive oil, but in reality, many them contained a blend of oils that just happened to include olive oil.  Or if they were truly made of olive oil, they had other ingredients like Soy Lecithin, Dimethyl Silicone, and some mystery ingredient referred to as propellant.  These may not be the worst things to add, but why use what we don’t need?

And yes, the obvious answer to this is, “Get your fingers messy and spread out some darn butter” or “drizzle your own olive oil”.  True.  But sometimes you just want to spray and GO.  I have two children, so yes, I approve of shortcuts when I can find them.  Besides that, butter-laden fingers aren’t always the best option when the Toddler Tornado is trying to swing on the living room curtains.  But I digress.

There were a couple of sprays that were about as pure olive oil as you could get, but the price!  Five dollars for a can of spray!  Do you know how much oil is actually in there?  It’s pressurized to make it shoot out but there is a very small amount of oil contained in those cans.  And $5 is a dozen pastured eggs… or a latte.

Then came my “ah ha” moment.  Being an herbalist-in-training, I have dozens of lovely little bottles with droppers and droppers, sprays and pour-ers (?).  Why not just fill a small spray bottle up with regular olive oil and leave it out on the counter for times needed.  Voila!

Simple.  Inexpensive.  Refillable.

To save a little more money, you could always fill this with “light” deflowered (non-virgin) olive oil.  I always keep some cheap olive oil on hand for when my hubby makes pancakes and waffles or other manly mystery projects; because getting the man to take a moment to melt down coconut oil is an impossibility and I don’t let him near my good olive oil.

So there you go!  Budget AND health tip all in one.  Just for you dear readers.

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