Friday, March 4, 2011

Stolen moments...

Tonight I have to work. Wine tasting. Sounds glamorous to you? Eh... not so much to me. I'm surrounded by wine ALL.THE.TIME. It isn't that special anymore. Although sometimes you do get to talk to some interesting people (and then again... you get some people you wish had never shown up). Plus that means I have to dress up, put on fancy clothes, makeup... blah blah blah. When The Mister comes home he won't know what hit him ;-)

The upside is that I took off from the office part of work this afternoon to get a break before the evening tasting. I did not waste the time especially since tomorrow we are expecting rain.

What I accomplished...

·Weeded the garden
·Planted some beans and watermelon seeds
·Did a little seed organization
·Thorough inspection of the chickens (WHERE is all the poop coming from???)
·Put out some buckets for catching rain (I actually have two BIG rain buckets but we catch what we can down here
·Little leisure reading
·Cleaned the bedroom
·Rested a little

Interesting note: two of the three hens are laying regularly now, pretty much an egg a day. But these girls have NEVER wanted to use a nest box. It's really rather off-putting that they choose to lay all over where they poop. So since it was very cool today I've opted to move the two eggs over to the nest box to see if that encourages them to lay there tomorrow. The eggs will be fine to pick up tomorrow if they don't use it. I won't let them sit there longer than that, I don't want them suddenly going broody on me. Any chicken folk out there know if this will even work?

So I got a nice bit of stuff done. Unlike last weekend when I was caught by surprise by the weather, I have a solid list of to-do’s this weekend that incorporates both indoors and outdoors, so even if it rains all day tomorrow, I’m ready for it!!!

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