Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekend kickoff!

Snuck out of The Cave at 15 til 5 and shot over to one of the nurseries. Priced some pecans, stared longingly at some fruit tree, checked on the stock of blueberry plants, resisted the herbs and made my way to the veggies. I never remember to plant seeds for a few plants early enough so I picked up three types of heirloom tomatoes, Black Beauty eggplants, a Tam Jalepeno, and a California Golden Wonder Bell Pepper. Scooted home, weeded the garden, planted the new plants. Picked up dinner (bad bad bad - Pizza Hut of all things!!!) and wolfed it down. Picked 18 lbs of the remaining oranges off the tree, picked the fallen rotting ones off the ground. Fertlized the tree. Prepped small planters for 2nd batch of seeds that I'll plant tomorrow. Walked half a mile with The Mister and Crazy Daisy.


Now it's almost ten and I'm going to bed. Tomorrow will be uber uber busy in the very best way!!!!

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