Saturday, June 18, 2011

Homemade Laban Cheese

I made a comment on Facebook the other day about making some homemade cheese. So just a quick blip on that cheese... I make it out of yogurt although it can also be made out of whole milk, buttermilk, and kefir. Making it out of yogurt gives you the texture of cream cheese with an every so slightly sour taste - think of it as a hybrid between cream cheese and sour cream.

Tidbit of the day: To make it specifically out of yogurt creates a cheese commonly used in the Middle East called Laban Cheese.

Rather than recite all the instructions, I'll simply direct you to one of my favorite Foodie sites, Cheeseslave

Here is a picture of my Laban cheese when it is finished:

Moms, this would be a fun EASY project to do with the kids!

One caveat - you must use PLAIN WHOLE FAT dairy. A little blueberry cup of "yogurt" isn't going to work. If you can get raw dairy, even better. When I can't get raw milk to make my own yogurt, I use Strauss yogurt out of CA. It's pasteurized but the cows are primarily grassfed and hormone/anti-biotic free.

Someday I hope to do more cheesemaking someday but this is about as much as I can do with my equipment and knowledge... so far ;-)

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  1. A friend recommended that I check out a different blogspot to learn how - it's so super easy - I came across your blog and posted it to my friends on Facebook. We just ate ours for breakfast, with zatar herbs, in olive oil - SO DELICIOUS! The way I learned on the other blog is that you can add your herbs, salt, and then form them into balls (wet your hands with olive oil), and then place the balls in a sterilized jar with olive oil and this can sit in a cupboard unrefrigerated for a while and it will keep really nice...ours never made it to the shelf - it went straight to the belly!