Friday, May 6, 2011

Shrimp Stock

Ever since becoming a Weston A. Price girl I've been gradually trying (emphasis on the "trying" here) to increase my steps towards Real Food. You know, like, food-food? Not the Hamburger Hell-per that is processed garbage but real meat, veggies, fruits, and "naturally" processed foods via fermentation, etc. One thing that is strongly emphasized is the importance of good stocks and broths. I save and freeze all sorts of potential stock goodies - chicken bones, meat bones, veggies scraps (ok some of those go to the girls), fish scraps... I even had a full bag of shrimp shells. So I decided to make some shrimp stock. What will I use it for? I have NO IDEA! Why let that stop me? ;-)

For the record I've always bought shrimp with shells. They are cheaper and I find it theraputic to de-shell & de-vein the little boogers. But before I always just tossed the shells into the garbage, and forget about them, then 6 days later I wander through the house wondering what in the world that smell is wafting about. This was before The Mister came along as he is very diligent about trash duties.

So following the general recipe in Nourishing Traditions, behold, the glories of shrimp stock!!!

You start with all your shells, break 'em down in a food processor. Simmer them in some oil (I used coconut oil...of course). Add some wine, apple cider vinegar, and a few other goodies.

Add your water and some veggies. Then you let it simmer. Some people say that with shrimp you can cut it off as early as 30 minutes... others say to go for about three hours. Not being in a hurry I let it go three hours.

The golden goodness of shrimp stock!!!

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